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We are a support group for the sufferers, families and carers of Myalgic Encephalopathy (M.E) & Fibromyalgia (F.M), and we have been lending support since 2005.

The main aim of our group is to get together to chat with others who share our illness, and offer each other support; the illness can be very isolating and we are here to make sure each of our members have some support!

Our group is not lead by speeches, we are very informal and most members come to chat over coffee about whatever topic they please. It is a good way to make some new friends and to talk to others who may be going through something similar to yourself!

If you are looking for information related to the illnesses, we can help, as we have a large library of books which can be lent to you without charge.

We also have 2 facebook pages, to keep us all in contact in between meetings, one which you can join once you become a member, and one which is for online support only.

We go on small outings every couple of months, which are suitable for those with a fatigue illness (such as Thoresby Hall for cream tea in Blue Room). Some of these trips may be subsidised by the group.

We also offer what we lovingly call a "sleeping membership" for those who are not well enough to attend our meetings, and we write to these members with no expectations of a response. This would enable people who have M.E. or F.M. a buddy to comunicate with when they feel too poorly to either write or to speak.

We know it is a big step to come to a group and meet new people especially when you are feeling poorly, but you will be made so welcome, it helps so much to chat to others who are the same as you. It helps with the guilt and isolation, plus we are all friends you have yet to meet.   We are always laughing despite our illnesses. We are not a miserable group! Give us a try! What have you got to lose?

We are lucky enough to be able to have a Hydrotherapy session just for our group in Kings Mill
Hospital every week! It helps with pain and is very relaxing plus it only costs £3 per session! 

We have the pool from 4pm until 5pm every Thursday evening. We are allowed to have 10 people in the pool.

If you are accepted into the pool however it should be noted that you will be asked to pay a £5 per year membership fee for the group whether or not you attend our meetings, this is only fair to our other members. (obviously we hope you do come to meetings also)

We understand the nature of our illnesses so if you were unable to go on any certain day, we ask you to contact Lorraine who is the Hydrotherapy organiser.  Our aim is to have a full pool every week.

Before you will be accepted you will need to fill in a health form for insurance purposes and be accepted by the Physiotherapists at the hospital.

These forms can be accessed from our group, so come along, and join in?